User Guide

We think our website is pretty straight forward and easy to use, but just to make things run even smoother here's our guide.

Getting Started
From the home page, register your details, this is the only way you will be able to access the site and it requires you to create a username and password, please make this as individual to you as you can as you will be using it to upload and download your artwork.

Briefing Sheet
The briefing sheet on the quote page is designed to be as simple as possible and for this to work you need to be as accurate as you can.

Estimated time for job
All times requested are estimate times as you won't know exactly how long a job is going to take, but we know you'll be able to work it out to the nearest half hour, which is why our times are split in to 30 minute chunks.

One thing to keep in mind is that when you are requesting time don't forget that it will need time to upload from your server and this time is highlighted in the 'Upload size' tab, so if you have booked 12.00-2.30pm with us and your job will take 15mins to upload please make sure you upload it before 12.00. We don't mind if you upload it at 9am even though the jobs not booked till 12.00 but that way we'll definitely have the files ready to work on. It also prevents any last minute problems, should they occur.

What format are you Supplying
You can supply your files in which ever format you prefer. If you only have a PDF or word doc of an existing ad and want us to create another advert from it, that is fine as long as you supply all the relevant images and text we will need and we'll convert it to which ever program you prefer. The same goes for Illustrator/ Photoshop/Quark and InDesign files, we accept all of these and can return them to you as the raw files or even Hi Res Pdfs just select which option you'd prefer and we'll do it.

Regarding the colours if there are any special colours please write what they are either in the box next to colours or in the job description.

Bleed will always be 3mm around all edges unless specified otherwise.

Job description
Please give as much detail as you can as this will be the key to a successful job. It doesn't matter how obvious you think it is, it may not seem as obvious to us. This area is for you to explain what you want us to do and what it involves and it's where you can specify fonts, colours, cut-out, extractions, retouches and also where you can specify any print requirements such as paper stock etc.

When you are ready to upload your work you will need to collect your job (have all the relevant files in one folder as if you were sending it to the printer) and then you will need to either Zip or Stuffit the folder (this will also make the file size smaller which will be quicker to transfer) as the browser doesn't recognise raw folders.

To Zip the file if you are working on a Mac all you need to do is drag your folder to the desktop and select it and then right click (control click) it and you will see the option 'Create Archive of 'folder name". If you click this it will create a zip file for you.

If you have Stuffit you can also Stuff the original folder or Zip file for further compression and speed of transfer. Once you have uploaded your work you will receive an email saying that your upload was successful. If you do not receive this email within 10 mins of uploading your artwork please contact us or if you have time, try uploading again.

When your job has been completed you will receive an email telling you that your job is ready and within that email will be a link, which you click on and it will take you to the download page of our website.

if you have any questions feel free to contact us via or by calling us
on 0845 200 2047.