Top Tips

This is the place where you can add and find all of your quick shortcuts that you have found over the years while artworking, all those great little finds that you have discovered yourself or have been told about, they can be about anything that you have found that makes your life so much easier...

Multiple undo's in Photoshop:
Normally you can only do Apple>Z for a single undo in Photoshop but if you need to do more you have to go to your history palette - not any more. If you use Apple/Alt>Z you can undo till the cows come home!

Keep getting the 'corrupt font' message window in Word?
This one is such a pain as the blasted window just wont go away, well if you do a find for 'font cache tool' on your mac then either bin it or drag it onto your desktop, this will eliminate the problem.

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